It's a Dog's World!

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What Would the World Be Like Without Dogs?

The truth is that I wouldn't want to know!  For some people, their entire lives revolve around their dogs and yet others wouldn't want their sofas scratched by them.  So why the difference?  I think it's because people who didn't grow up with animals in their homes just don't get the strong bond that exists.  

As I get older, and with the help and reach of the internet, I'm seeing more and more how much all living creatures are dear and need love and guidance.  Even us.  Especially us.  


My first dog came to live with us when I was around seven.  Our neighbor was a vet in training and someone had abandoned a dog which was in fine health.  She was a mutt of course.  Maybe the best breed!  Sort of like Americans!  Anyway - we called her Genie (because it was like she came to us that way).  In the summer, we would go to the Jersey shore where my dad had a 32 foot fishing boat.  Genie would be the first one on board and acted as skipper looking out for sharks and things.  I can still see her.  She was white with light brown spots here and there and with the wind in her hair standing on the bow, (someone held her of course), she looked like Washington crossing the Delaware!

I don't remember how old she was when we got her - maybe one or two -young enough that she was "teething".  I remember one night we went out someplace and when we got home she had chewed through the arm of my mother's brand new sofa.  Uh oh.  I don't think I ever saw my mom that mad.  Genie was relegated to the downstairs for the rest of the night where she proceeded to howl and howl for being alone.  I couldn't stand it.  So I got up and brought her a treat and mom found me with her the next morning fast asleep on the (other) sofa.

We had many years with Genie.  I'm not exactly sure when she passed away but I do remember the pain of losing her.  Just as I'm sure you remember yours.  I remember once a little girl lost her dog and she wasn't as upset about it as her parents thought she would be.  She said I know why dogs don't have to live as long as people.  Because God put us here to try and be perfect and dogs already are.  


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