It's a Dog's World!

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As the name suggests, Craze was unlike any dog in the world.  He was the king of the roost but man was he nuts.  He was a blonde Chow Chow and I got him when I lived in Philadelphia.  He was as sweet as can be.  Like all chows, he had a black tongue and the tail that curls up.  He looked like a teddy bear when he was a puppy.

I remember I had moved to a different apartment on the other side of town and Craze got loose.  I couldn't find him anywhere.  I called and called for him, drove everywhere.  I just couldn't find him and I was beside my self.  I was up all night.  The next morning, the people who had owned the house I had previously rented called to tell me he was there!  He went home!  He hadn't realized that we had moved to a "new home".  When I went to pick him up he barked at me for an hour straight.  He was pissed.

Then I moved back to New Jersey and had yet another apartment.  The problem with that was that I had a job that I had to put in rediculous hours and he'd be alone all day.  My mother thought that was terrible so one day she came over and got him and took him to  her house with the three goldens.  Now all of the goldens were females and Craze was a male.  They were all fixed but boy did he think he had died and gone to heaven!  He was the king of the harem and loved every bit of it.

He and little Betsy (the runt of the litter) fell madly in love.  They never left each other's sides and when Betsy passed away years later, Craze died only a few weeks afterwards of a broken heart.  

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