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Duchess the Demon!

When we got Duchess, a Golden Retriever, we thought - oh how cute.  And she was as all Golden puppies are.  Then she hit the terrible twos.  OMG.  She was a maniac.  She ran and ran and ran til we thought she'd surely be exhausted and then she ran some more.  Every night I had to play "tug of war" with her to try and tire her out.

When you walked passed her she'd look up at you with those eyes and if you didn't stop to cuddle her or tell her how beautiful she was, she'd nip your feet!  

As you can see by the photo to the right, she wasn't quite normal.  She'd somehow get up on the washing machine and she wouldn't budge until the thing was finished.  I guess she liked the vibration from it.  Drove us crazy.  Where's Duchess?  On the washing machine!

At some point in time, I got the great idea with my boyfriend to mate her with a friend's golden who was absolutely gorgeous.  She had eight puppies and although she tolerated them getting their share of milk, she was not what I would call a loving mother.  There was one little one who wasn't getting any milk at all so we had to hand feed her.  

We were going to make all this money on the puppies.  Yea right.  We kept three for ourselves, my brother had one, my boyfriend's sister had one, the guy who we mated her with had one.  We gave the other two to friends.  LOL.  

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