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The Puppies

Why is everything so cute when they're little and new?  All I know is those Golden Retriever puppies were the cutest things I think I've ever seen.  And what imps they were too.  They were into everything.  

I remember when we let them outside for the first time.  We had a large backyard and they went nuts.  Running, jumping on one another.  Barking which I think was really laughter.  The were so little you couldn't even see some of them in the grass.  We were all running around trying to catch them.  What fun. 

As I said earlier there were eight.  We kept Duchess the mom of course.  Then we kept Betsy the runt of the litter and Penny who was my sister's dog.  My brother chose George. 

I'll never forget trying to take eight puppies to the vet the first time.  Talk about mayhem.  I think my mom went out and bought a bunch of cat carriers and we put them in those.  They were not happy.  The doctor's office was pretty far from where we lived and they barked and howled the entire way.  

But once there, they all got thorough checkups and necessary shots and they were all good to go.  That broke our hearts more than anything.  We really wanted to keep them all.  Can you imagine one house with nine dogs in it?  Three was crazy enough.  So as I said earlier, they all got good homes and had wonderful lives.  

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